Scrollidea Digital Concierge: how it works

Ensure the quality of hospitality in a modern way. Our Digital Concierge is the web app to manage the guest experience and sell extra services.

Digital Concierge

The Digital Concierge is an extremely customizable platform.

Digital Hotel Directory; contact form guest-hotel; form for ancillary sales; useful information on the destination with geo-localized and customizable content; multilingual; hotel logo, hotel staff photo, customizable colour.

Pre Stay

The pre-stay phase is essential to give your guests the best stay experience: before their arrival they receive the link to the digital concierge, they won’t have to download or install anything, and will be able to immediately connect with the digital concierge from any type of device.

Even before their arrival, your guests will access Digital Concierge and will be able to search your services, book the restaurant or contact you for any information. And they can take advantage of any offers you wish to propose.


During Stay

Once arrived your guests will be able to access Digital Concierge through a wifi landing page or a QR Code present in the rooms and in the common areas.

It is a perfect way to reduce the amount of hard-copy directories in the rooms (#thinkgreen) and establish direct communication with your guests. 

Human Touch

Technology + the human factor. Your guests will rely on a powerful platform to enrich their stay experience: information on the hotel, attractions in the destination location, and the possibility to book services and activities.

A perfect customer-care solution which digitises hospitality but preserves the professionalism and empathy of your staff.

Ask Us for a Demo

We will quickly but thoroughly explain how our platform can generate more upselling, satisfy your guests and lighten the load of requests upon receipt.