Scrollidea Smart Menu: how it works

A powerful and customisable cloud software through which you can manage every aspect of your menu intuitively and flexibly, in complete autonomy.


Lay out your menu the way you prefer: the name of the dish and its description, with or without photos, icons for quick identification of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Allergens can also be handled for individual dishes. In addition, prices can be set both à la carte and on a fixed menu basis (or tasting menu or brunch).

Reading the menu

Your restaurant customers can access Smart Menu by simply scanning a QR code.

At this point, you choose whether to show it on a read-only basis, with a waiter taking the orders, or have the order directly sent to the room-service or kitchen department.


Keep your menu on a high quality standard:

  • enter new dishes of the day or menus of the week;
  • create menus for special occasions;
  • manage half board menu, pool menu and lunch box. 

Save time for the graphic design of the menu and costs in toner (less pollution between fine dust and plastic) and sheets of paper (let the trees breathe!)

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