Scrollidea Smart Chat: how it works

A SaaS software to communicate in real time with your guests and give a simple, effective and modern hospitality, in compliance with the privacy regulations.

Live Chat

Express the style of your hospitality through one of the most loved and used digital tools: the online chat. Simple to use and with an essential layout, Smart Chat allows you to get in touch with your guests in real time.
Streamline and speed up your work: a control panel where you can manage all the conversations, in compliance with the GDPR.

Improve your performance

The online chat is one of the most used tools, but the experience has to be fluid and easy (both for you and the guest) and your welcome should be transmitted. A bit like you would do on the phone. Smart Chat is not an automatic responder, it is a software to reach the guests, before and during the stay.

Choose your style

You can achieve the evolution of hospitality choosing the best option for you: use only Smart Chat or integrate it into the Digital Concierge; or if you think you are not structured to manage chat response times, work with the contact form of the Digital Concierge; or decide to use it just during off-peak periods.

Ask Us for a Demo

We will quickly but thoroughly explain how our platform can generate more upselling, satisfy your guests and lighten the load of requests upon receipt.