Scrollidea Smart Reply: how it works

Create beautiful and effective online forms and satisfaction questionnaires with SaaS software which combines the flexibility of the best questionnaire creators with attention to tourism companies (thanks to the stimulus to the reviews).

Quality and effectiveness

Create questionnaires that reflect your style: customize the questions, the graphics, insert images. All in a simple way, but above all by creating beautiful and effective surveys (or online forms).


What can you do with Smart Reply? Create Quality questionnaires for the guest in the house, post-stay questionnaires (with stimulus to positive review on the main review portals), questionnaires dedicated to staff, but you can also create modules for a thousand needs (e.g. “work with us” forms, customer forms for tourist tax exemption and much more).


Get only positive reviews, which helps improve reputation and obtain certifications of excellence from most important review portals.

How is it different from others?

Smart Reply combines the flexibility of the best questionnaire creators with attention to tourism companies. In fact, in addition to the advanced features possessed by the best software in this category, it encourages obtaining positive reviews (stimulus to the review on the main portals). 


The statistics in the dashboard allow you to see in the blink of an eye the level of satisfaction for each voter and aggregate.

Some features

In addition to handling a wide range of quantitative and qualitative queries, we have some very useful features.


Library of questions (or entire questionnaires) that can be imported with a click and then edited. Hide function: hides the questions of a questionnaire (eg, the pool is closed for maintenance... “better not to ask to rate it”, hiding the question for as long as necessary!).


Questionnaire on single or multiple pages. Stylistic and graphic customization, dot questions (net promoter score), with stars or smileys, background colour, insert blocks of text and images.

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We will quickly but thoroughly explain how our platform can generate more upselling, satisfy your guests and lighten the load of requests upon receipt.