Digital to improve the quality of tourism and hospitality

Digital guest experience with a human touch: digital directory, upselling, selling experiences, chat, digital menu and survey

To ensure the quality of your hospitality together with correct digitalizationduring the setup, thanks to our consultancy, we will work with you to achieve these goals.

How can we do this?

Here is a short example between Franco (the hotel manager) and Maria (his guest)
with some of the many things we can do together

Interactive hotel directory

Franco provides the most requested and important information; 

Maria searches the information, pre and during stay.


Do away with printed information in the rooms and common areas, by using the interactive directory

Franco gives more paperless, sustainable and environmentally friendly communication;

Maria can check the directories easily from her phone.

Communicate with your guest (pre and during stay).

Franco cab choose between questionnaires, forms and chat to better manage his work;

Maria receives high level hospitality and service.

In-room mainteinance and assistance

Franco receives any reports;

Maria feels she is looked after and protected by the hotel.

Digital Smart Menu

Franco eliminates hard copy menus from the room service and restaurant;

Maria places her order through her smartphone, from her room or the restaurant.


Smart Reply

Franco creates beautiful, effective survey and gets positive reviews

Maria can easily express her point of view


Smart Check-in

Franco streamlines his reception and manages privacy consents with the web check-in;

Maria, on her arrival, has a smoother and warmer welcome.


We are here to make available our technological tools
and our expertise in tourism to help your company
to have an effective, and human centric, digital approach.