Scrollidea Consultancy

Get the most with our consultancy. The guest experience platform is a powerful software, but you can make even more with the right editorial approach.

Human intelligence: the right editorial approach

What does the consultancy to optimize digital concierge content include.
Analysis through an initial briefing, to understand the company's communication approach; identification of the most suitable tone of voice style; editorial review of the contents provided and intelligent rewriting; creation of the format within the digital concierge; insertion of contents. Final training to use the platform.

Good upselling: we take care of drawing up the agreements for you

Everyone talks about upselling external services. Yet many, too many, accommodation facilities do not have a network of agreements and conventions with local activities such as tourist guides, tour agencies, value-added services.

What does the consultancy include?

Analysis of the situation and expectations through a briefing; definition of the type of services desired, identification of any black-listed operators; search for partners and stipulation of agreements.

Transform words into content

Writing means: welcoming, communicating, selling and much more.

The image of your structure is also conveyed by the way you write. Website, emails, reviews, our digital concierge. And this is just to name a few channels.

Unfortunately, neglect is widespread, which lowers perceived quality and reduces opportunities to improve revenue.

The contents: we unpack them and review them (website and blog analysis, creation of a writing style that really speaks).

The newsletter: we help you create one that works (to communicate directly and personally with old guests, new customers and prospects).

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