Social distancing and quality of reception

How to restart tourism after Covid19? In addition to correct disinfection, which will be essential, your guests will expect two very important things on re-opening: a sense of peace of mind and good quality hospitality.  To do so, you will have to ensure the quality of your hospitality together with correct social distancing. Let’s work together to meet this objective. How can we do this?

Here is a short example between Franco (the hotel manager) and Maria (his guest)
with some of the many things we can do together

Interactive hotel directory

Franco provides the most requested and important information; 

Maria searches the information, pre and during stay, safe and distanced.


Do away with printed information to be disinfected in the rooms, by using the interactive directory

Franco does not have to disinfect the directories;

Maria can check the directories easily from her phone.

Inquiries and messages, pre and during stay, by means of the digital concierge

Franco organises and manages his work better;

Maria receives quality hospitality even from a distance.

Timetable form

Franco organises the work, shifts, access to the areas;

Maria feels she is looked after and protected by the hotel.

Digital Smart Menu

Franco eliminates hard copy menus from the room service and restaurant;

Maria places her order through her smartphone, from her room or the restaurant.


Smart Check-in

Franco streamlines his reception and manages privacy consents with the web check-in;

Maria, on her arrival, has a smoother and warmer welcome.


We are here to make available our technological tools
and our expertise in tourism to overcome together
the damagecaused by Covid19 to the world of tourism.